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Private Label
Saumya Cosmetic is leading Third Party manufacturing company has developed various Cosmetic, Herbal and Pharma products to offer under Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer.
Based on our extensive experience and knowledge in the cosmeceuticals and cosmetics product development, We have developed a range of ayurveda and beauty products which are known to give the best results and are tried and tested.
We choose some of the best performing popular and trending cosmetics products from themarket to research and develope the product to offer for Private Label Manufacturing, whcih startups private label brand owners can easily have these products under their own brand names with 360degree customization.
If you wants to launch your own white label products then you should definitely check out our Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer services.
Contract Manufacturing
Saumya Cosmetics is well known to do third party contract manufacturing deals with fairness and complete quality assurance. As a client, you are assured of a partner who ensures consistent quality, reasonable costs, high savings, customer product satisfaction and on-time deliveries at all times.
We have vast products portfolio of Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers in India with satisfied client base. In some cases we follow and work according to the client formulas, to get their desired beauty products.
We offer extensive range of products to our customer in the segment of Health Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Hair Cleanser, Oral Care Toothpaste, Baby Care, Men’s Grooming, and Personal Care under custom cosmetics licence with finest quality products as a Private label Manufacturer.
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